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Bylaws for review

White Deer

First Baptist Church

White Deer, Texas



Bylaws for the Church



Date Adopted:  






First Baptist Church

Bylaws Table of Contents












































White Deer First Baptist Church


Article I.  Name

This church shall be known as First Baptist Church and is located in White Deer, Texas

Article II.  Purpose

To be a dynamic spiritual community empowered by the Holy Spirit to share Christ with as many people as possible in our church, community, and throughout the world. To be a worshipping fellowship, experiencing an awareness of God, recognizing His person and responding in obedience to His leadership. To experience an increasingly meaningful fellowship with God and fellow believers. To help people experience a growing knowledge of God and man.  To be a community of believers that ministers to the people in the community and the world in Jesus’ name and being Christ-like in our daily living.

Article III.  Covenant

Having been led, as we believe, by the Spirit of God to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we do now, in the presence of God, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another, as one body in Christ. We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, to walk together in Christian love, to strive for the advancement of this church in knowledge, holiness and comfort; to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to sustain its worship, ordinances, disciplines, and doctrines; to give it sacred prominence over all institutions of human origin; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, the expenses of the church, the relief of the poor, and the spread of the Gospel through all nations. We also engage to maintain family and private devotions; to religiously educate our children in the Christian faith, we seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world: to be just in our dealings, faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all tattling, backbiting, and excessive anger; to shun pornography; to be zealous in our efforts to advance the Kingdom of our Savior. We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love; to remember each other in prayer; to aid each other in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation, and mindful of the rules of our Savior to secure it without delay. 

Article IV.


Section 1.  Congregational Government

The government of this church shall be congregational in nature, and the final authority for the operation and management of the affairs of the corporation, spiritual and temporal, shall be vested in the membership of the church, which authority shall be exercised in the manner set forth in the bylaws.  Members alone shall have the authority to adopt and amend bylaws, approve budgets, receive members, and govern and conduct the affairs of this church.

Section II.  Autonomy and Affiliations

The church is autonomous, yet as a Baptist church, it recognizes the privileges of Christian fellowship, social association and cooperation with other churches, but it shall at all times be independent and the final authority for management and operations of all spiritual and temporal matters shall be vested in the membership of the church and be exercised in the manner set forth in these bylaws.  The church shall seek to cooperate with the local Baptist Association, the State Convention(s), and Southern Baptist Convention as voted by the membership.


Article V.  Membership

Section 1.  Eligibility

Anyone professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of a change of heart, and adopting the views of faith and practice held by this church may, upon baptism by immersion, be received into the fellowship of this church by majority vote of the members present.  On the recommendation of the pastor, the deacons by unanimous consent may suspend the requirement for immersion baptism as a condition of membership in cases of physical inability.

Section 2.  Admission of Members

A person may become a member in one of the following ways:

  1.  Profession of Faith and Baptism:  an applicant may be received on profession of faith as a candidate for baptism, after the administration of which the applicant shall automatically enjoy the full fellowship of the church.
  2. Letter:  A member from another church of like faith and order, who has received the ordinance of baptism by immersion, may be received by letter of dismissal and recommendation and if such a letter cannot be secured within ninety days, the clerk shall automatically record such member as “received on Statement of Experience.” If an individual is physically unable to attend services, they may be received in absentia.
  3. State of Experience:  Any person saved by grace through faith and baptized by immersion in accordance with our doctrine will be received by statement of their faith and will not be required to be re-baptized.  Those who have not met the above criteria in accordance with our doctrine will be asked to be baptized into the fellowship of our church. 
  4. Spiritual Watchcare:  Persons who are temporary residents in the area of the church or who are members of another church who have justifiable reasons for not being baptized by immersion may come under the Spiritual Watchcare of this church.  Such persons shall, except as qualified below, have the same rights and privileges as those ordinarily afforded members of this church such as pastoral care, but they shall not be members nor vote in church business conference, nor hold office in this church, or in any of the church organizations filled by vote of the general church membership.  When such persons desire or are able, they may be baptized by immersion and be received into the membership of this church.

Section 3.  Procedure

Persons may present themselves at a regular church service for membership. At the discretion of the pastor, the church may, as set forth in these bylaws, vote on the membership of the candidate, or the pastor may acknowledge the desire and postpone the vote until some subsequent meeting.

Section 4. Duties of Members

The duties of the members of this church shall be honest in their dealings, faithful in their commitments, guarded in their conversion, exemplary in their behavior, to be faithful in all the duties essential to the Christian life, to regularly attend the services of the church, to give regularly and systematically to its support and kingdom causes, and to share in the organized work.

Section 5.  Rights of Members

A.Voting.  Every member of the church is entitled to vote at all elections and on all questions submitted to the church conference, provided the member is present or provision has been made for absentee balloting.

B.Absentee Balloting.  Is only applicable if provisions have been made for absentee balloting.  If provisions have been made then every member of the church is entitled to absentee vote if they are not able to be present.  They must come to the church and vote in person or call the church and ask that a ballot be brought to them personally. 

C.Holding Office.   Except as otherwise set forth herein, every member     is eligible for consideration by the membership as a candidate for   elective offices in the church.

D.Records.  Members shall have access to the church policies, minutes   of committee meetings, and financial reports.  However, consistent with Baptist doctrine and practice, these rights shall not include the right to review or inspect individual donor records or personnel files.

Section 6.  Termination of Membership

The methods of terminating the membership status of a member shall be as follows: 

  1. By letter.  A letter of transfer to unite with another church may be issued, upon request, to another church for any member of this church who is in good standing.  Upon request of a church letter, between business meetings, the church clerk shall be authorized to send the letter of transfer.
  2. Removal from Roll.  Upon receipt of reliable information that a member has united with another church, the person shall be notified by letter and removed from membership by church clerk.  The church clerk may also remove the member from church roll because of death.
  3. By Exclusion.  The membership, after due notice and opportunity of hearing, and every possible kindly effort to make such action unnecessary according to Matthew 18, may upon majority vote terminate the membership status of a person in this church for reasons it considers sufficient to warrant such action.  The person shall be notified of the action by letter and removed from membership by church clerk.  
  4. By Personal Request of the Member.  Any member shall be removed from the roll and the membership status of that member terminated upon request by that member to the pastor or deacons.  The person shall be notified of the action by letter removed from the membership by church clerk.

Special Note:  All action shall be taken by church vote during regular Business Meetings.

Article VI.  Meetings

Section 1.  Worship

This church shall hold regular worship services on Sundays at such time as recommended by the pastor and deacons and agreed upon by the church.  The ordinance of the Lord’s Suppers shall be observed at least quarterly as determined by the pastor or deacons.  The pastor or Chairman of Deacons shall be responsible for any cancellation of services or events.

Section 2.  Business Meetings

  1.  Annual Meeting.  The annual meeting shall be held during the November Business Meeting of each year for the election of church officers, standing committees, special committees, and any other offices and committees of the church.  The election of some officers may, at the discretion of the church or as set forth in these bylaws, be held at some other regular or called meeting.
  2. Regular Business Meetings.  A regular business meeting shall be held bi-monthly.  Such meetings may be rescheduled when weather or other emergency so requires.
  3. Special Called Meetings.
  1.  Special business meetings may be called at any time by the pastor or chair of the deacons or a majority of the deacons, or upon the written request of any twenty (20) members of the church.  Upon such a written request the moderator shall schedule a meeting to be held within thirty (30) days and provide notice at two Sunday morning worship services.  Notice stating the purpose, date, and time of the meeting shall be provided to the membership.  No matter shall be considered at the called meetings except that for which is was called and previously announced.
  2. In the event of an emergency, the pastor or chair of the deacons may, with consent of 2/3 of the deacons, call an emergency meeting without full notice to the members.  Such notice as is possible will be given to the membership and action is limited to the items requiring the emergency meeting.  Such emergency meetings shall not be subject to the special procedures set forth below.  No meeting under this provision may be called in regard to personnel matters.
  1.  Presiding Officer.  The moderator shall be the pastor who shall preside at all business meetings.  In the absence of the moderator, or on any matter involving the tenure of the pastor, the chair of the deacons shall act and if the chair of the deacons is also absent, another deacon shall preside.
  2. Quorum.  A quorum shall consist of the members present at the business meeting.
  3. Matters Requiring Special Procedures.  On any motion properly before a business meeting dealing with the purchase or sale of real property, the employment terms or salaries of church staff, the removal of officers, or the affiliation relations of the church, where the membership has not been given notice of the general subject and nature of the proposals to be voted upon at such a meeting, any member may by request at such a meeting, require that the motion be referred to the appropriate committee, who will have up to 30 days to make a non-binding recommendation regarding the proposal.  The congregation may vote upon the motion at the next special or regular business meeting.
  4. Notice.  Except where otherwise required by these bylaws, any requirement of notice for a meeting or item or business to be presented shall be satisfied if announcement is made during two Sunday morning worship services, or notice is provided in any regular or special church newsletter mailed in advance.
  5. Voting.  Unless otherwise designated, all matters of business shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting.
  6. Minutes.  The clerk shall keep minutes of each business meeting and preserve them when approved as part of a permanent church record.  A copy of the minutes of the church shall be kept at the church office.
  7. Parliamentary Procedure.  In business meetings good parliamentary law shall be followed using Robert’s Rules of Order as a general guide.  The moderator may, absent objection or with the consent of the majority, deviate from such rules in the interest of full discussion and harmony.

Article VII.  Officers

Section 1. Ordained or Scriptural Officers

The ordained or scriptural officers of the church are the pastor or pastors and the deacons. 

Section 2.  Other Officers

There shall be a clerk, treasurer, and such other officers as may be needed to carry out all the purposes of the church.  No person shall be eligible for appointment or election unless a member of First Baptist Church.

Section 3. Pastor

  1. Duties: The qualifications for pastor shall be consistent with those listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.  His training, skills, and experiences are needed in this area of leadership.  His responsibilities generally fall into the following areas: preaching, teaching, pastoral counseling, administration, planning and guiding the church to grow and fulfill its purposes. He shall lead the church, the organizations, and all leaders of the church in performing their tasks in worship, proclamation, education, and evangelism.  The pastor shall be an ex-officio member of all church standing committees except the Pastor Selection Committee.  He shall assist the deacons in securing pulpit supply for times in his absence. 
  2. Call and Election.  When a vacancy in the pastorate occurs, the deacons shall start the process of selecting a Pastor Search Committee of which the Chairman of the Deacons must serve as a member. The nominating committee will receive names from the church members. They will comprise a list of 5 nominees. These nominees shall represent a cross-section of the church. The committee shall proceed promptly and diligently to seek to find a pastor who by calling, training, and proven ability, seems qualified spiritually, mentally and physically to lead the members of this church. The committee shall receive and give full consideration to all suggestions from members of the church.  When the committee has made a choice and is ready to make a report and recommendation to the church, it shall in a timely manner in agreement with the prospective pastor and congregation. The committee shall put before the church only one name, at any one time, and no nomination shall be made from the floor.


The election shall be held in a timely manner that is agreeable to the candidate and the church.  The time of the vote and the method of the vote will be given when the preliminary announcement(s) are given to the church.  To be elected pastor, the minister nominated by the committee must receive a majority of all votes cast after the designated worship service that the pastor is nominated.


  1.  Termination.  The pastor is called to serve until the relationship is dissolved at the request of either the pastor or the church.
  1.  Resignation.  The pastor may resign, but shall normally provide at least 2 week notice before the termination of his services.  Any written resignation must be reviewed and approved by the deacon body prior to presentation before the church.  A written resignation will be delivered by an agreed upon individual at a Sunday morning service or business meeting of the church, if without conditions shall be final and binding.  If any resignation is subject to conditions, it shall be effective and binding when accepted by majority ballot vote of the church.   
  2. Removal.  A pastor’s term of office may also be terminated involuntarily by a vote of the church.  Such a vote shall be initiated by the recommendation of the deacons who, after investigation, may determine that a vote of confidence should be taken. Should they choose to conduct a vote of confidence, the pastor must be notified privately one week before announcement from the pulpit and must be told the schedule for the meetings, one for discussion qne one for the vote. The vote of confidence must be announced from the pulpit for three consecutive Sundays. The first meeting will take place between the second and third announcement. At this meeting each side will be given opportunity to present its case fairly and objectively. The second meeting will take place after the third announcement. At this meeting a vote will be taken, but no discussion will be permitted.  A 2/3 affirmative vote of eligible voting members present is required for the pastor to continue his ministry at First Baptist Church. Should a vote of confidence not be sustained, or should he resign after being notified of the vote of confidence but before the date of the second meeting, his term of office will cease immediately. 
  1.  The officers and the members shall make every effort to follow biblical principles including the process set forth in Matthew 18 in dealing with conflicts regarding pastoral staff. An effort should be extended to permit reconciliation of conflicts in a manner consistent with our Christian faith and doctrine.  If an issue cannot be resolved one on one, the member must present the issue to the deacon body for resolution. If this is unsuccessful, then the issue will be referred to the vote of confidence process before the full church body.
  2. The process for presenting a concern to the deacon body shall be as follows:
  1.  The issue should be submitted to the deacon body in writing, with all the facts known to the person listed in the document. There should also be written confirmation that the individual(s) tried to resolve the issue one on one before coming to the deacon body.  The document must be signed by the individual(s) submitting the document, and that person has an obligation to appear before the deacon body to answer questions and/or clarify any statements made in the written document.  
  2. The individual(s) with the issue may also appear in person before the deacon body.  The individual(s) must make a request to the Chairman of the Deacon body at least one week prior to the meeting he or she wishes to attend.
  1.  Removal shall be effective immediately upon the adoption of a motion terminating the pastor, but salary and benefits shall continue for not less than 30 days.  Any resolution to dismiss may also contain recommendation concerning other financial aspects of the termination.






Section 4.  Ministerial Staff, Church Employed Staff, and Volunteers

All staff shall abide by “Ministry with Minors Policy” as developed and approved by the church. 

Section 5.  Deacons

  1.  Election.   There shall be a ministering body of active deacons elected by the church.  The church may elect to Deacon Emeritus any deacons who by reason of age or infirmities shall, after honorable service, be no longer able to render service.
  2. A deacon shall be a mature male member of the church who has attained the age of 25 and who has been a member of this church for a least one year.  He shall possess qualification as set forth in Acts 6:3 and 1 Timothy 3:8-12. 
  3. A deacon is elected for life to serve as long as he is willing and meets the qualifications as described in paragraph B.  He will be asked to re-examine himself each year concerning the qualifications.  If he feels that he cannot serve, he should request to be removed from the active deacon body.  Anyone so removed must be reelected by the church to again become an active deacon.
  4. Annually, the chairman of the deacons, in consultation with the Pastor, shall determine whether the active deacon body is large enough to carry out its ministries.  If additions are required, this group shall recommend to the deacon body the number of additions that need to be made.  If additions are to be made it will be done as follows:


         1.  TERM OF OFFICE

The church is to have an Active Deacon Body with as many deacons who have been ordained or approved by this Church, serving each year.

         2.  QUALIFICATIONS – A man may qualify who:

A.  Is spiritually mature in their faith and practice and meets the                  qualifications of Scripture given in 1 Timothy 3:8-12 and Acts 6:3.

B.  Has been an active member of First Baptist Church White Deer for no less than one year.

         3.  NOMINATION

              When a man has proven himself to meet the qualifications listed above, he

      may be nominated by one of the following procedures.

                  A.  The Deacon Body

B.  The Church Membership – Through written communication addressed

      to the Chairman of the Deacon Body.

1.  There is to be a time period of three weeks to receive deacon

      Candidate nominations from the church body

2.  Each candidate that desires to proceed (and their wife) will be   

Interviewed by the Deacon Body, along with the pastor.  The   Deacons will take whatever time is necessary to interview the candidates.  Suggested time allotment is not more than three weeks.

3.  A list of names of those deacon candidates desiring to proceed will  be listed in the bulletin for two consecutive weeks.

4.  Any objections or questions concerning the nominee by a member   of the Church Body will be addressed to the Deacon Chairman and/or the pastor privately.  The concern will be brought before the deacon body in closed session.



A.  The nominee (s) will be evaluated by the Deacon Body to determine if the said nominee (s) meets the qualifications.

B.  If the nominee (s) meets the qualifications, he will be presented to the Church at a regular business meeting (or a special called business meeting).

C.  The Church Body will vote on each deacon candidate through secret ballot in a regularly scheduled business meeting or a special called business meeting.  The vote shall be indicated by a Yes or No vote beside the name of each individual deacon candidate listed on the ballot.

                  D.  An ordination date will be set by the Church to ordain those approved.


A.  In accordance with the meaning of the word and the practice illustrated in the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and servants to the Church Body, the Bride of Christ.

B.  As servant-leaders, the deacon is to be diligent in support of the mission and vision of the ministry of the Church.

C.  They will work closely with the Pastor in seeking the direction of the Lord in all matters that pertain to the welfare, ministry and fellowship to the part of the Body of Christ that is First Baptist White Deer.

 D.  Deacons shall be in regular attendance at Deacon’s meetings unless providentially hindered.


Section 7.  Clerk

It shall be the duty of the clerk to attend, or be represented at all church business meetings, to keep accurate record of all business transactions, to prepare the annual church profile and to notify all officers, issue letters of dismissal as authorized by the church, preserve all papers and valuable letters and records that belong to the church., and preserve a true history of the church. It shall also be the duty of the clerk to see that an accurate roll of the church membership is kept with dates and methods of admission and dismissal, change in name, correct mailing addresses and other pertinent information.  The clerk shall serve as secretary of the corporation.

Section 8. Treasurer

The treasurer shall be a member of the church, qualified in financial affairs, and nominated by the nominating committee.  The treasurer and/or church secretary is authorized to sign church checks.  The treasurer shall upon invitation meet with the deacons and shall be a member of the Finance Committee





Article VIII.  Board of Trustees

Section 1.

The government of the First Baptist Church, White Deer, Texas shall be vested in a Board of at least three trustees serving as the legal officers of the church in all legal matters as they relate to the church property and financial matters.

Section 2.

Three trustees shall be nominated by the nominating committee and approved by church vote.

Article IX.  Committees

Section 1.  Committees

The church shall elect such standing and special committees as may be deemed necessary to carry on the various phases of the program of the church.  These committees shall be elected by the church upon the recommendation of the nominating committee, unless the church directs their appointment in a different manner.  All committees serve at the pleasure of the church, and shall in no event have any authority to act for the church except where specifically authorized.

Section 2. Composition, Duties, and means of election of all committees, standing and special shall be established by the church and set forth in the committee responsibilities made available to all church members.

Article X. Staff

Section 1.  Ministerial Staff

The ministerial staff shall be composed of the pastor and other persons who fill ministerial positions as may be created from time to time by vote of the membership.

Section 2. Church Support Staff

The church support staff shall be composed of all persons employed by the church except the ministerial staff and pastor.  Members of the church support staff shall be employed or terminated by action of the Personnel Committee with the agreement of the pastor and/or deacons.


Section 3.  General Provisions

A job description for each support staff position shall be prepared and shall be revised periodically by the pastor and the personnel committee and given to all candidates being considered for that positon or to the person filling that position.  Support staff positions may be combined from time to time at the discretion of the pastor and the personnel committee.  All members of the support staff shall be called or employed for indeterminate terms.  A support staff member may resign by giving two weeks written notice of termination to the church.  The relationship of a support staff member to the church may be terminated by the personnel committee at any time.  The church shall for all support staff positions establish appropriate employment policies including job descriptions, benefits, and other policies.

Article XI. Finance

The assets of the church shall be for the purpose of performing its religious functions.  Upon the disbandment of First Baptist Church, White Deer, Texas; the assets shall be transferred to Wayland Baptist University, Plainview, Texas. (approved 11/9/1958)


Section 1. Budget

The Finance Committee and one member of the personnel committee shall prepare and submit to the church for approval an annual budget.

Section 2.  Accounting Procedures

All funds for any and all purposes shall be handled in accordance with procedures established by the Finance Committee, be reported to the church treasurer and be properly recorded to the books of the church.  A system of accounting that will adequately provide for the handling of all funds shall be the responsibility of the Finance Committee.

Section 3.  Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the church shall run on a calendar year.

Section 4. Expenditures and Receipts of Funds

  1.  Funds shall be disbursed upon authorization of the church through its Finance Committee as provided for in the budget.  Continuing authorization may be granted in order to conduct day to day business (i.e. utilities).
  2. Designated funds shall be established and approved by the Finance Committee.  Separate accounting shall be maintained for all designated gifts and funds.
  3. The receipt of gifts of real or personal property must be approved by the appropriate church committee.
  4. All gifts of money or other items shall be used solely at the discretion of the church, subject only to such restrictions on the use of gifts which are designated to a church approved fund (i.e IRS rules), and as may be made at the time of their receipt.
  5. Funds collected by the church will be counted by the deacons, church secretary or financial treasurer for deposit.


Article XIII.  General and Miscellaneous Provisions.

Section 1.  Ministerial Ordination

When this church has been requested to ordain a member or when the church wishes to ordain a member to the full Gospel ministry, it shall, upon recommendation of the pastor and the deacons who have satisfied themselves as to the candidates fitness, call an Examining Council according to accepted Baptist procedure to examine the candidate with respect to the candidate’s Christian experience, call to the ministry and views of Bible doctrine.  When the Examining Council recommends the candidates ordination, the candidate shall be properly set apart and ordained, with prayer and the laying on of hands, provided that prior to the ordination, three-fourths of the members present at any regular church meeting agree thereto.

Section 2. License to Ministry

When a member announces to the church the call to the ministry, the church, upon recommendation, of the pastor and deacons and by majority vote, may license the member as an acknowledgement of the call to the ministry and the encouragement to make preparation for it.  The clerk of the church may furnish the member with a copy of the minutes or a certificate of license.  It is understood that the performance of civil duties by the member shall be governed by state law.


Article XIV.  Amendments

Section 1.  Amendment

These bylaws may be at the request of the appropriate committee amended, altered, or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any business meeting; provided however, that such amendment, alteration or repeal must be given to the clerk in writing; this proposed change shall be presented to the church at least two weeks prior to the time the vote is taken.

Section 2. Copies

A copy of these bylaws and any amendments thereto shall be maintained by the church secretary and copies made available at the church office.
































Job Descriptions











Youth Pastor


Understanding that youth are a vital and important part of the church today (i.e.) in the present, the youth pastor will seek to take the responsibilities listed below as a general outline of the work of ministry associated with the position of Youth Pastor.  These responsibilities are subject to change from time to time as the cultural methods may change but understanding that the Message remains the same. .

Responsibilities of Youth Pastor

Work with and minister alongside Junior High and Senior High School Age students.

Work with the leadership of the church obtain training and discipleship materials

In counsel with the Pastor develop discipleship methods fitted to the needs of the students that will challenge and inspire them as follower of Jesus Christ.

Schedule and plan for special ministry opportunities seeking the advice and counsel of any of those whose advice maybe needed: Pastor, committees, Deacons, Parents, etc.

Be available to the students to counsel with them during difficult situations or life circumstances.

Encourage students to take part and be involved in the overall life and fellowship of the church body.

Lead students to develop a Matthew 28:19-20 lifestyle.

Work with the Pastor and church treasurer for student ministry financial needs and procedures

Consult with the Pastor on a regular basis for evaluation of student ministry.

Work with youth committee to meet needs of the students.

Church Secretary

The following duties are performed by the church secretary:

Assemble and mail monthly newsletter

Prepare weekly Sunday bulletins

Prepare and post church committees, workers, and budget

Type and copy monthly treasurer’s reports

Prepare and type items needed for committees, departments and areas pertaining to church business

Greet visitors to church office, answer phone, and distribute mail

Pay utility and out-going bills, as approved

Assist the treasurer in financial areas, including bank statements

Maintain membership rolls, with input from church clerk

Maintain church calendar and updating calendar on website

Work with church committees

Replenish church pew envelopes, visitor cards

Support music ministry with typing, copying, and CCLI licensing agreement.

         Maintain current auto insurance and tag documentation

         Maintain club memberships, i.e. (Sam’s, Texas Farm Bureau, etc.)

         Maintain tax exemption certificates

         Keep church files up to date

         Post weekly contributions

         Assist with daily and weekly monies received through the church

Responsible for financial software for posting receipts and disbursements

         Make purchases and orders as requested/approved

         Responsible for recording donations and yearly contributions records

         Responsible for payroll, and assisting treasurer with W2s

         Responsible for all checking and savings accounts bookkeeping

         Keep Sunday school records and membership accurate and up-to-date

         Order and distribute Sunday School literature

         Responsible for documenting memorial money given and notifying

                  families of memorial

         Responsible to the pastor

         Church contact and purchasing agent with suppliers

         Responsible for wedding contracts

         Prepare proposed budget and mailing to members

Schedule maintenance as required with maintenance personnel and outside contractors

         Maintain office equipment

Assist with Vacation Bible School and other special programs, as required

         Prepare and/or mail informational flyers for all areas of the church

Type correspondence for pastor, youth minister, Sunday School, and other programs

         Prepare and copy items for WMU, and other committees

         Type baptism records

         Maintain church bulletin board

         Plan and assist with church directory, as needed

         Aid in all areas of the church as needed or assigned

                                          Financial Secretary

Responsible for payroll checks, yearly W2 and 1099s with assistance of church secretary

Responsible for general fund and building fund accounts

Reconcile bank statements

End of month reports, end of year reports

Attend monthly finance committee meetings and business meetings

Pays bills with assistance of church secretary

Provides reports to church secretary to enter into software and print for business meetings

Does not handle deposits for church unless no one else is available


This maintenance person is responsible for the inside cleanliness of the main and educational buildings. Specifically, the custodian will carefully prepare each building for all regular and special services which the church schedules.  Each Sunday morning at a time prescribed by the pastor and after evening worship service, the custodian will be responsible for unlocking/locking the main doors of each building, turning on/off lights, setting the thermostats to the temperature as determined by the pastor, (Note:  leaving the heaters and air conditioners on for a day or two cost the Church unnecessary expense.) and seeing to it that no fire safety hazard exists.  The buildings are to be locked according to current policy.

It is to be understood that major maintenance is not the responsibility of the custodian.  The Building and Grounds Committee has the responsibility to make recommendations to the church for contracting all major items of maintenance.

It is the policy of the First Baptist Church for the pastor to oversee all paid employees of the Church.  Therefore, all suggestions or complaints should be made only to the pastor or personnel committee. At the times when the Church is without a pastor, the custodian will be responsible to the Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee.

The vacation must be scheduled in advance with the pastor.  Also, arrangements with the pastor must be made when the custodian is to be out of town on any weekend or any other vacation time.

The First Baptist Church agrees to give two weeks’ notice in the event they wish to terminate the employment of any custodian.  Likewise, the Church will expect the custodian to give two weeks’ notice if they plan to leave the Church’s employ.

The following is the list of duties for the custodian of White Deer First Baptist Church.


  1. Dust in sanctuary to prepare for Sunday services
  2. Clear pews and bookracks of bulletins and trash
  3. Clean entry doors and windows
  4. Empty waste cans
  5. Clean restrooms
  6. Maintain furniture, clean, oil, wax, etc.
  7. Replenish tissues and towels in bathrooms and kitchen
  8. Vacuum and clean all floors, as required
  9. Use good safety practices

As Needed:

  1.  Mop kitchen floors and restroom floors with cleaner
  2. Clean tile in sanctuary with dust mop
  3. Remove black marks on the floors
  4. Dust and clean all shelves
  5. Clean window sills
  6. Clean spots on carpet
  7. Wash dirty spots on walls
  8. Replace burned out light bulbs, but not florescent
  9. Purchase cleaning supplies and paper supplies for kitchen and restrooms (see church secretary) 
  10. Report items needing repairs


  1.  Dust all vents and check filters
  2.  Remove cob-webs on walls ceilings

Twice a year:

  1.  Arrange to have professional to steam clean rugs and carpet, if needed
  2. Turn pew cushions
  3. Clean windows, inside
  4. Strip and wax tile flooring in sanctuary

As contracted:

    Provide cleaning for weddings as paid by individuals














The pastor is a member of all committees in our church.  He shall convene all committees, elect a chairman and other officers as needed, and shall not be a voting member.






Nominating Committee


  1. Responsible for screening and securing all people for standing and special committees of the church
  2. Fill vacancies as they occur on a committee
  3. Review annually the number and kinds of committees and ministry description of each committee and recommend change involving structure, membership election addition or deletion.
  4. Provide training and mentoring of new committees and chairpersons
  5. Provide list of nominated committee members to the church for church approval.

Membership:  The committee shall be elected by the church and consist of five members with one alternate member.

                                   Church Council:

1.    The Church Council shall have as regular members – the pastor, praise team member, chairman of deacons, Sunday School Director, WMU representative, youth committee representative, children’s committee representative, Chairman of Building & Grounds, Church Treasurer and 1 at large members from the church.

2.   The church council shall recommend to the church objectives and goals, review the coordinated program plans recommended by the pastor, organizations, and committees, to recommend to the church the use of leadership, calendar time, and other resources according to program priorities, and to evaluate program achievements in terms of church goals and objectives.

3.   All matters agreed by the Church Council calling for action not already provided for shall be referred to the church to be voted upon.


In case of vacancy in any office, except that of the pastor and staff members, the vacancy shall be filled by the church nominating committee and presented to the church at a regular or special meeting as soon as possible after such vacancy has occurred.







   Personnel Committee


  1.  The purpose of this committee is to assist the pastor and church in matters related to personnel administration and management.  This includes employment, salaries, and benefits. 
  1.  Employment – includes securing, interviewing, and placing the applicant on the job.  The church staff members concerned shall share in the decisions of employment.
  2. Salaries – includes a written procedure for each job as to beginning salary, salary reviews, maximum salary, bonuses, overtime, and termination.
  3. Benefits – includes a written procedure for each job as to beginning salary, salary reviews, maximum salary, Christmas bonus, overtime, and termination.
  1. All monetary considerations for new employees shall be worked out with the finance committee.
  2. Personnel to consider for employment by this committee are all paid personnel other than professional staff members.  All called staff members shall be selected by a church appointed committee and shall be dismissed by the adopted bylaws.
  3. The committee shall submit and annual recommendation to the finance committee for inclusion in the annual budget.  This will include salary adjustments.
  4. Any employee having a grievance may request and receive an audience with this committee.
  5. The committee shall prepare and review periodically job descriptions for all personnel except the pastor.
  6. Survey the need for additional church staff positions.


This committee shall consist of five (5) members recommended to the church by the Nominating Committee each year.  One member of this committee shall be a standing member.

Baptismal Committee


  1.  Fill baptismal several days before the day of baptism
  2. Check the pool for proper temperature
  3. Assist the candidates into and out of the water and to their dressing rooms. Seek to give each candidate as much privacy as possible
  4. Remain until all candidates are dressed and ready to leave for worship service or for home if the service is held at the close of the worship hour.
  5. Arrange for baptismal garments, towels, and other supplies to be made ready for next service
  6. Evaluate the baptismal service and make suggestions as to how it may be improved
  7. Assist candidates before and after baptism


The committee shall consist of four members, 2 men and 2 women, recommended to the church by the nominating committee.

Meal Ministry Committee


  1. This committee shall provide or coordinate meals for members of our church during death, illness, hospital stays, and new baby.
  2. Develop ministry guidelines to follow. 
  3. Serve as a coordinating group for meals provided by various groups of the church. i.e. (Sunday School, Music teams, etc.)


The committee shall consist of several members for meal volunteers.  The chairmen will be recommended by the nominating committee.

Church Hostess and Social Committee

The church hostess and social committee are encouraged to provide food or refreshments for church fellowships, socials, activities and funerals. They should solicit food for a meal for the family of deceased members on the day of the funeral and other activities.

  1. If solicitation does not furnish enough food, the committee should purchase sufficient amounts and charge it to the church. All items that are charge to the church should be signed for and designate what the item is used for.
  2. The committee shall check the fellowship hall or parlor for breakage or loss of articles.
  3. The committee shall make recommendations for new purchases, such as coffee pots, table cloths, serving utensils, etc.
  4. The committee shall report to the pastor, building and grounds chairman and/or church secretary when a repair needs to done in the parlor or fellowship hall kitchen.


The committee shall consist of 6 members recommended to the church by the nominating committee.

Floral Committee


  1.  See that floral decorations are provided for the church sanctuary at regular Sunday worship services and other occasions approved by the church.
  2. Recommend to the Finance committee the necessary budget estimate for floral decorations.
  3. The committee chairman shall consult with the Pastor on disposal of flowers when not needed after Sunday services.  They can be delivered by the committee to an ill member or shut-in.
  4. Friends and organizations frequently desire to furnish flowers in memory of loved ones.  The recognition should be included in the church bulletin. 
  5. The committee is responsible for keeping track of loaned flowers and greenery.


The committee shall consist of three members recommended to the church by the nominating committee.

Insurance Committee

The Insurance Committee shall be composed of the church treasurer, Chairman of Deacons and Chairman of the Building and Grounds committee.

The Pastor is a member of all committees in our church and should participate in the decisions of this committee.

This committee shall be responsible for making recommendations to the church regarding the extent of insurance coverage of all buildings and vehicles owned by the church at least one month prior to the expiration date of all policies.

It shall make other recommendations for the insurance which it feels necessary for the protection of the church where it may be exposed to liability.

Following approval on the extent of coverage by the church, the committee may contact Insurance from the area for bids.

The committee should be careful that all bidders be informed as to the extent of coverage expected, which shall be the same to all bidders.  The committee may set a deadline date for receiving bids from those who may wish to submit bids.

The final authority for selecting the Insurance Agency is hereby given to this committee by the church.  A majority vote of the committee shall be binding.


Budget/Finance Committee

This committee shall have the responsibility to develop by November and present to the church for adoption an annual Church Budget.  This committee shall also monitor the budget at least quarterly and report to the church any serious deviation from the adopted budget. The committee will meet and review financial report the week before church conference.

The committee shall consist of: Pastor, Sunday School Director, Chairman of the Deacons, Church Treasurer, WMU Director, Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, Church Clerk, Children’s Director, Youth Minister, Chairman of Personnel Committee and 2 members at large voted on by the church.


Lord’s Supper Committee


  1.  This committee shall inform themselves on the meaning of the ordinance and make any suggestions for making it more meaningful.
  2. See that all necessary Lord’s Supper equipment and materials are available and in place prior to each observance of the ordinance.  The Chairman, or another committee member as delegated by the Chairman, will be responsible for ensuring needed supplies are purchased prior to the day of the service.
  3. Work with the pastor and deacons in developing dates when ordinance will be observed throughout the year.
  4. See that all equipment is gathered, cleaned, and stored after each observance of the ordinance.  Dispose of unused bread and juice after each service.



The committee shall consist of 4 members recommended to the church by the nominating committee and one deacon.


Missions Committee


Purpose of the Committee:

To assist the church and in organismal leaders by making studies of community needs, recommending plans, and administering the work assigned in it.


  1.  Conduct studies and recommend plans for local, state, and out –of-state mission work.
  2. Work through the church staff to coordinate the mission work of the church.
  3. Establish and maintain communication with the associational missions committee and other appropriate groups outside the church.
  4. Be responsible for all missions’ activities of the church.


This committee shall consist of one WMU member and 3 other members recommended to the church by the nominating committee. 






Building and Grounds Committee


  1.  Through regular inspection provide for painting, repairing, or remodeling of church property in order to maintain facilities.
  2. Such repairs should be in keeping with the financial structure of the church and make recommendations to the Budget Committee as to projected needs
  3. Take actions in emergency situations regarding church facilities, furnishings, and grounds.
  4. Make recommendations to the church concerning the major repairs or improvements
  5. Strive to make our church grounds the most attractive and well-kept property in the community. 
  6. Provide proper equipment and safety gear to do the job.
  7. Conduct annual inventory, inspection and evaluation of all church property and equipment.
  8. Assist and support the church custodian in matters related to the building and grounds
  9. Serve as a resource in facility, safety, security, and crime prevention issues


The committee shall consist of five members recommended to the church by the nominating committee.  One member of this committee shall be a standing member and chairman.

Bus Maintenance Committee


  1.  Be responsible for the maintenance and the operation of the church bus and other vehicles.  Keep accurate records
  2. Work with the insurance committee to maintain current adequate insurance coverage.
  3. Train drivers for the van.
  4. Enforce bus rules recommended by this committee and adopted by the church and required by the insurance company.


The committee shall consist of a member recommended to the church by the nominating committee.


Usher Committee


  1. Be responsible for seating worshippers as they arrive.
  2. Be sure that every visitor is greeted in a pleasant manner.
  3. Be ready at all times to assist in distributing any material to the congregation when called upon.
  4. Provide bulletins for worshipers as they arrive.
  5. Be responsible for reserving section for special guest.
  6. Be responsible for the church offering time and finding members to assist
  7. Each usher shall present a neat appearance, always remembering the dignity of his office.
  8. When an usher cannot be at their post, they shall notify the chairman, who in turn will fill the vacant place.


The committee shall consist of a chairman and three members recommended to the church by the nominating committee. 



Act as legal agents or representatives as directed by the church, signing all legal documents involving the purchase, sale, mortgaging and rental church property, only upon direction of the church.

  1. Counsel with church staff leaders, committees or organizations concerning legal matters.
  2. Hold legal title to all church property (as required by state law) and act only as directed by the church in regular or special business meetings.
  3. Make recommendations to the church concerning legal documents, property, and other legal issues.

Membership:  Three members nominated by nominating committee and approved by church vote.


Youth Committee

This committee is responsible in planning and coordinating youth programs and activities inside and outside of the church.  These activities are to be correlated with the activities of the church program organization in attaining objectives set forth by the church.  An elected representative of the Youth Committee shall serve as a member of the church council.

The youth committee shall consist of at least 1 parent, youth minister, 1 church member, and 1 youth.

Children’s Committee

Purpose:  To present and conduct an effective Christ-centered program for infants, preschool, and children in school grades kindergarten through 5th grade.  This committee is to provide additional direction in various aspects of the Children’s Ministry and to be a positive means of communication with parents of children and other church members.  This committee is responsible for the endorsement of the overall church children’s program.


  1. Develop a Christ-centered children’s program for members and nonmembers.
  2. Prepare and recommend to the Budget Committee the annual budget needs.
  3. Monitor and assess the children’s activities.
  4. Encourage the support of parents of children and children workers

Membership:  2 children’s workers, 2 parents, and 2 church members nominated by nominating committee and approved by church.








































The church office will be open from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Tuesday – Thursday.


1.   Each salaried (full time) employee shall be entitled to receive vacations with pay on the following basis:

a.    After the first and each additional year of continuous service up to a total of five (5) years - two (2) weeks of vacation one of which could be taken after 6 months of continuous service during the first year of employment.

b.   After five (5) years of continuous service and up to a total of fifteen (15) years of continuous service – three (3) weeks of vacation.

c.   After fifteen (15) years of continuous service and each year of continuous service thereafter – four (4) weeks of vacation.

d.   When a new ministerial staff member is called, vacation time can be worked out with the staff member and the search committee.  Based on years of service the staff member can bring years of service with them and fit into the above vacation structure. 

2.    Each (part time or hourly) employee shall be entitled to receive vacation with pay on the following basis:  They shall receive the same amount of vacation time for service as full time employees.  The pay shall be equal to the amount of hours for which they are employed.  Example:  If they are employed for 15 hours a week, their vacation pay shall be 15 hours.  There is a maximum of 3 weeks of vacation. 

3.   Rules and regulations of vacation policy:

a.    In the event an employee with more than one (1) year of continuous service is laid off or resigns with accumulated service for one year, he or she shall be compensated in money equivalent to the normal pay for the accumulated vacation period at the time of the lay-off or resignation.  In such case, the payment in lieu of a vacation partially earned but not taken shall be computed on a pro rata basis on the last day of service.  (Amount of time worked divided by total base salary determines a per day salary times days of vacation not used). 

b.   An employee who resigns and is re-employed shall be considered as a new employee.

c.   Vacation requests will be honored provided they do not disrupt the work of the church.

d.   All vacation schedules must be approved by the Pastor.

e.   Vacations must be taken in the year earned. They cannot be accumulated.

f.  Records for employment date, vacation scheduled/taken, and sick leave will be documented through the church secretary.

4.    New Employees:

Other than ministerial staff, a 90 day probation period will be observed and reviewed by personnel committee at the end of the 90 day period.

5.  Vacation will be determined from January to December. 


1.    Other than ministerial employees, the employee will participate in Social Security and the church will pay the employer’s share. 

Normal retirement age is dictated by Social Security (actual retirement age, not early retirement age).  Retirement may be deferred after that age upon recommendation of the Personnel Committee and upon the approval of the church.  The church will vote upon the initial request of the individual.  The Personnel Committee will review the employee every three years until retirement.

         2.   Sick leave: 

1.    Each salaried or hourly employees who have been employed 90 consecutive days will be eligible to participate in the church’s sick leave program.  This plan provided for both job continuance and pay in the event of an employee absence for certain periods of time for reasons of illness, injury or disability which were not work related.  The plan operates as follows:

2. Each salaried or hourly employees will be given paid sick leave at a rate of six days (6) per year.  Their unused sick leave can accumulate from year to year, with an accrued maximum of 30 days.  Contract employee who takes place of an employee during illness will not be granted sick leave.

3.  Sick leave may be granted for employee illness or injury, or the illness or injury of a member of the immediate family.  Immediate family is defined as the employee’s spouse, children, mother or father.  This also includes medical appointments for you and your immediate family members.

4.  In the event of extended illness, your accumulated sick pay will be used first.  Then, if the employee wishes, any unused vacation may be used.  A doctor’s certification may be requested for any absences lasting five (5) or more consecutive days, and the church reserves the right to request a doctor’s statement at any time.

5.  Falsification of actual sickness is a serious matter that could result in withholding of sick pay benefits or disciplinary action, up to and including termination.  Unused sick leave benefits may not be used for personal time off as an additional vacation.  Employees will not be paid in the form of additional compensation for unused sick leave benefits upon termination of employment.

6.  All salaried or hourly employees are required to notify the church office by telephone (live or answering machine) of absence prior to shift start.

7.  Extended medical leave will be considered on an individual basis by the pastor following the guidelines of FMLA.

a. Full time ministerial staff will be given thirty (30) days of sick leave annually.  If additional sick leave is needed in a year, the Deacons with  personnel team will consider the request.  FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act) guidelines could be considered.

8.  Vacation will be from January to December.

D.   Employee Absences:

Absences from the normal work schedule will be governed by the following:

1.    Deaths and Funerals:

Absences from work because of the death of immediate family (husband, wife, father, mother, sister, brother, children, in-laws, grandparents, grandchildren) will be granted up to three (3) days. 

Absence to attend the funeral of a relative or friend will be granted by the Pastor.  Additional time may be taken and charged to accrued vacation time.

2.    Civil Duties:

An employee will be paid for the time absent for jury and witness duty and is entitled to obtain all compensations received as a result there from.  If employee service for jury or witness duty is not needed for the entire day, he is expected to report to the church from the remainder of the day or any scheduled work when the court is closed for any reason.

3.    Voting Time:  If requested, supervisors may grant employees time off to vote in local, state, or national elections.

4.   Unexcused Absences:  Any unexcused absence will be without pay.

5.    Extra Help:  The need for temporary employees to assist with the office work load or maintenance will be determined by the Pastor and hired as necessary.

             6.   Self-improvement and Denominational Service:

a.    Staff members will be allowed to participate in self-improvement activities such as conventions, retreats, seminary, revivals, etc.

c.   Staff members will not be absent consecutive Sundays other than vacations or special instances.






















 Money Counting Policy

The responsibility for counting, recording and depositing all money received by the church shall be carried out by the Deacons only.  The chairman of the deacons shall have general overs-sight for this responsibility.  The church treasurer and pastor shall not count money. The deacons will count on a rotating basis.  Each deacon counter may enlist one other adult to assist him in counting.  The name of the deacon counter should be printed in the church bulletin prior to and on the designated Sunday he is responsible to count.

In the absence of any deacon, the church secretary will count the money.

Policy for Using Kitchens in the Parlor, Fellowship Hall, or Basement

 Notify church office to reserve fellowship hall kitchen, basement, or parlor kitchen

Outside Organizations must do the following:

  1.  Furnish all paper goods.
  2.  Please do not put dishes/silverware in dishwasher
  3.  Remove all food items from refrigerator and kitchen

All Individual using facilities must do the following:

  1. Leave counter tops, restrooms, appliances, tables, and sinks clean.
  2. Empty waste baskets, including restrooms.
  3. Food and drinks are not allowed in the two front sitting areas.
  4. Sweep floors and mop as needed.
  5. Used table linens and kitchen towels must be cleaned, returned, and put away in a timely manner.
  6. Hand wash any silver serving pieces. Do not put in dishwasher.
  7. Please store all items used in kitchen after cleaning in their proper place.
  8. Make sure all appliances are cleaned and turned off.
  9. Utilize ice machine, as needed.
  10. Alcoholic beverages, dancing, and smoking in the building are not permitted.
  11. Turn off all lights utilized before leaving.
  12. Set the heating/cooling thermostats to unoccupied status
  13. Lock building before leaving.
  14. If you take any article from the kitchen to be used elsewhere, please contact the church office to give your name, article, date taken, and date returned.
  15. If anything is damaged or broke, please notify the church office
  16. Don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sinks or on the counters
  17. Wash tea towels after using them and return to their proper place in the kitchen as soon as possible


Church Calendar Policy

In setting up a church calendar, the pastor and church council should consult the school calendar to compare conflicts with activities.

  1.  All special events should be put on the church calendar in the church office
  2. When a wedding is scheduled, the parties scheduling them should go the to the church office and pick up a regulation sheet regarding church policy for the facilities.


Church Equipment

It is the policy of the First Baptist Church to furnish all workers with good equipment. 

    Church Van


Purpose:  The purpose of this church van policy is to establish certain guidelines and procedures to facilitate efficient, productive, and legal use of the van.

General:  In general, the use of the church owned vans shall be restricted to approved church activities and trips.  There should be at least six persons making a church related trip to justify using a van.  Five persons can usually ride comfortably in an automobile, unless this is children or youth.  The church will reimburse the person taking their personal vehicle on an approved church related activity at the rate according to the current IRS auto reimbursement rate.

Drivers:  The driver of a church van must meet the following requirements:

  1.  Be a church member
  2. Be at least 25 years of age (insurance requirement)
  3. Possess a valid Texas driver’s license

Procedures:  There will be a signup sheet located in the church office.  A person desiring to use the van must sign the keys out.  The signup sheet will show the beginning mileage, ending mileage, destination, and signature.  There will also be a space provided to list any type of problems that a driver might have experienced while driving the van.

It is not the intent of this policy make it difficult to use a van for an approved activity.  It is the intent of this policy to provide a way to monitor mileage, maintenance, needs, and general usage of vans.

Clean up:  A group using a church van is responsible to see that the van is returned to the church in as clean a condition as possible.  All trash and personal items should be removed from the van after each trip.  This policy applies to the interior portion of the vans.  The church does not expect all groups using the van to wash the exterior.

Deviations from this policy:  Any use of the church vans other than approved church related activities must be approved by the Deacon body and, if appropriate, by the church.





























Groom______________________________  Phone________________________

Contact person _______________________  Phone _______________________

Wedding date_________________________Time: ________________________

Rehearsal date________________________  Time________________________

Wedding must be scheduled with the pastor or church secretary* The wedding party must schedule an appointment with the pastor or church secretary in order to sign the contract and insure the wedding date.  All fees are required to be paid at this time.  Church members and non-members will be charged the same rate.


_____$150.00 Full facilities- auditorium, parlor or fellowship hall and sound system

_____$100.00 Auditorium and parlor or fellowship hall (no sound system)

_____$75.00 Auditorium and sound system (no parlor or fellowship hall)

_____$50.00 Parlor or fellowship hall only

_____$50.00 Auditorium only

_____$25.00 deposit required.  This must be paid separately from fees.  It is a deposit and refundable upon satisfactory inspection by a church representative. 

(If the church pastor is to be used, pastor fees are negotiable with him.)

If plans are cancelled, we will give a 100% refund, if facilities are not altered.

Persons using any of the facilities assume full responsibility for any damage done to the property or its contents.

No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.



We respectfully request that in lieu of rice, bird seed be used.  All bags and ribbons used to tie them should be picked up from the church lawn and sidewalk.

No objects, such as pins, nails, tacks, etc. shall be driven into the woodwork, pews, or walls.  No adhesive material shall be used where it will touch woodwork or plaster.

Candles:  Drip-less candles must be used.  If not protective sheeting or candle coasters must be placed under each candelabra.    Note:  A $50.00 charge will be assess if wax is dripped on the carpet.

Bridal Room:  All personal items must be removed following the wedding.  Rented items may be stored in the bridal room temporally but must be scheduled for prompt pick up.  (Please make arrangement for building to be unlocked at time of pick up.)

General requirements:

  1. Remove all decorations and clothing form the church building.
  2. Put all furniture and choirs back in their proper place.
  3. Choir chairs are to be put back in the choir loft.
  4. Parlor or fellowship hall furniture must be put back in proper place.  Please leave chairs and tables as you found them.  Sunday school classes are conducted in the parlor and fellowship hall on Sunday.    

The custodian will be responsible for vacuuming the carpets.

The sound system person will be responsible for removing and replacing the sound equipment and keyboards. (NOTE:  NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO OPERATE OR DISMANTEL THE SOUND SYSTEM OR KEYBOARDS.  THESE ARE STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.)                  

Signed_______________________________Date______________________________                     (responsible party)

Signed_______________________________Date______________________________                     (responsible party)

Signed ______________________________ Date____________________________  

(pastor or church secretary)                                                                                                                                                                                                               












              (as adopted by Church Membership)

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