The original First Baptist Church Building has been a fixture on Main Street in the community of White Deer for more than 100 years.

A great church is made up of a people who follow our Great God.  Those who have gone before us loving and serving the community of WD have left a faithful legacy for us to continue to love and serve Christ and Community.

The community of White Deer was first settled around 1882, when the British-owned Franklin Land and Cattle Company, later reorganized as the White Deer Land Company, occupied the area and began stocking cattle.  A depot was built in 1888 and the site was originally known as Paton, then Whig, before being renamed White Deer in January of 1899.  The community moved to its present location to be near the railroad line in 1908.  By 1910 there were approximately 50 people living in White Deer.  

The discovery of oil and gas in Carson County in 1919 brought growth to both White Deer and the surrounding area.  The community was incorporated in 1921 and the population had risen to 200 by the mid 1920s.  At the peak of the oil boom in the late 1920s, White Deer was home to nearly 3,000 people.

Mrs. E. H. Grimes, who came to White Deer with her husband in 1907, related in their family history that "The first Sunday we were in White Deer we went to the school house for worship.  The Baptist people had a Sunday School and preaching once a month."  

The first denominational church building in White Deer was the Presbyterian church.  This group shared their house of worship with the other denominations.  There was a Union Sunday School, and the Presbyterians and Methodist had preaching once a month, with the Baptist having preaching twice a month.

On June 16, 1912 a group of Brothers and Sisters met in White Deer fore the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church.  Bro. J. J. Baird and Bro. S. P. Clements, missionaries of the Palo Duro Baptist Association shared the meeting with Mr. Baird presiding.

The articles of Faith and the Church Covenant, as given in Pendleton's Manual were duly adopted, and the church was named White Deer Missionary Baptist Church.  Bro. J. J. Baird was asked to serve as part-time pastor and served in that captivity from June 16, 1912, until August 24, 1913.  The first Deacons, H. P. Bobbitt and J. D. Edgar, were elected October 26, 1912, and ordained on November 17, 1912.

The first revival meeting was held April 25th through May 6th of 1915.  Bro. Sidney Williams was the evangelist and eight people were united with the church as a result of the revival.

On November 23, 1919 the church voted to start a fund to build a church building of their own, 'to cost not less than fifteen thousand dollars.'  The Baptist Women's Missionary Society was organized on November 23, 1919.

After the building fund was began, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hughes donated Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, Block Number 35, of the original Townsite Plat of the Town of White Deer, Texas, to the WHite Deer Missionary Baptist Church for their new building.

With Bro. K. F. Keller as pastor, the small congregation launched out to build for the Glory of God.  Through many difficulties, the church was built and the church was finished in May 1920.  The church was built in the Mission Revival Style.  It was a bi-level structure, with the sanctuary occupying the top level and classrooms on the lower level.

The first revival was held by the pastor K. F. Keller, resulting in 58 additions, of which 36 were by baptism.  There were 78 additions for the year.  The Church's first communion set was purchased in 1921.  In August of 1921 the church voted to designate a portion of the wheat crop to benefit the church and in December, they voted to plant a cotton crop in the spring.  The pledges were collected and the church was able to pay off their debt in July of 1926.  Somewhere between September 1929 and September 1931, the church changed its name to First Baptist Church of White Deer.

By 1935 the church's membership had risen to 377 people.  In May of 1950, the church began support for Rev. & Mrs. John C. Corey, as missionaries to the Pima Indians, in Arizona and continued to support them until January of 1953.

On June 6, 1951 a devastating tornado hit the town of White Deer.  It cut a path of destruction approximately two blocks wide through the city, destroying many homes as well as both the high school and elementary school buildings.  Following the tornado, the Baptist church basement was used as the school cafeteria and as class rooms.

In October 1952, the church began making plans to build a new building.  A building fund was started and during the next few years, several different avenues were used to raise funds for the purposed building.  Bro. L. V. Ratliff was pastor.  By October 1956, the church felt they were ready to employ an architect to draw up plans for the new building.  On January 16, 1957, the church voted to purchase twelve lots adjoining the present church property, and in November of 1958, they accepted building plans and voted to build a church building on the newly purchased lots. The ground breaking service was held on February 15, 1959, and on September 13, 1959, the new church building was dedicated.  Bro. E. J. Keith was pastor.

The Educational Building was remodeled in 1961 and again in 1985.  FBCWD celebrated its 75th Anniversary and Homecoming on June 14, 1987.  With approximately 400 members and formers members in attendance it was a great time of celebration.  Former pastors Bro. M. V. Mears, Bro. L. V. Ratliff, Bro. Ron Ledbetter and Bro. Harold Abney were in attendance.  On April 8-9, 1988 the G.A. Associational House Party was held at FBCWD with over 200 young girls in attendance.

The church had been looking into building a new fellowship hall for some years.  Serious planning began in October 2005.  The new fellowship hall would be a 40'X80' building attached to the north side of the main church building.  In April of 2007 plans were made to begin construction and was completed in October of 2007.

The church has a long history of supporting missions and participating on mission trips.  Bro. Aday, Bro. Darwin Scott, and Bro. Ron Ledbetter lead many mission trips.  Bro. Calvin Winter's, who served as pastor in the 1990's served as a missionary in Great Britain. 

The church continues to impact the community for Christ through varying outreach ministries such as Annie's Meals, V.B.S., the White Deer Skellytown Lighthouse Food Bank and strong children's and youth ministries.

For over 110 years the Family @ First has been a loving presence for Christ serving the community.  We still feel the call to impact this community for the cause of Christ and will continue to do so as long as the Lord blesses.